Monday, September 29, 2008

Cooking Birthday Party and Tutu Curtains

I had a busy weekend, finalizing and getting my Pillow Pals pattern out, starting on my new pattern, cooking, cleaning, helping with a birthday party and a sewing project. Although it was busy, it felt good getting alot accomplished. I think maybe the beautiful cool weather we are having motivated me.

Friday night I helped with an 8 year old birthday cooking party. There were 6 girls attending. Her mom had them make pizzas and pig in a blanket for the main meal, fruitini's, decorate cupcakes and make ice cream sundaes. They also got their nails painted. They each had a monogrammed apron in hot pink. I added some bright ribbon to the birthday girl's apron to make her's special. It was also a slumber party although I only stayed a couple of hours. It looked like fun but I'm sure it was a long night for her parents.

They are making fruitini's here. They dipped the rims of their cups in pink colored sugar, added some cut up fruit and topped it off with cute little drink umbrellas.
The main dish was pizza on french bread and pigs in a blanket. Here's the birthday girl with her pizza creation.

My sewing project for the weekend was tutu curtains. A friend who is a dance teacher asked me to make some curtains for her studio. I found several cute ballerina fabrics online by Michael Kaufman and she chose this one for the curtains. I added a tulle ruffle along the bottom for a little something extra. She has two windows so I made 4 - 45" wide panels and added the tulle ruffle along the hem. For the tulle ruffle, I used 4 yards for each panel of the 6" tulle in a roll.

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