Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ava Sundress Pattern on YCMT

These are some of the tester's comments:

"I love this little sundress! Sews up very quickly with perfect results! Perfect for beginning sewers! "

"It sews up very quickly, the instructions are clear and the photos demonstrate the steps beautifully. "

"Simply adorable!! This pattern creates a super cute look with such a small amount of fabric. Great canvas for appliqué!"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sewing Projects - Annette Reversible Sundress

I had a busy weekend but managed to get some sewing done. I made these two dresses from the Annette Reversible Sundress Pattern.

I have really enjoyed my embroidery machine and trying different designs. This was a free applique design from Sew Forum.
This is the reversed side.

This is Ikea fabric that I found online in an Etsy shop. I loved the bright bold print. The black and white ribbon was from my stash of supplies but I plan to get something else. It was a little stiff and hard to tie.

I tried an applique on this side but messed it up. I got frustrated and decided to do something else. I added the big rick rack along the top and the two large lady bug buttons near the hem. I bought the buttons quite awhile ago and have been waiting to have something to use them on.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Babysitting and APIL Event

I babysit for a friend's 3 little girls Friday night. The baby was a sweetheart. She slept most of the time. The two older girl's and I had fun watching Barney, playing ball and playing cards.

I gave A a deck of cards and the box while her older sister taught me how to play "Cadillac". She spent a long time putting all the cards back in the box one at a time. I was surprised she was so coordinated.

Saturday was Ascension Parish Inclusive League Fun Day. There were 3 large water slides, water balloons, water guns, frozen pops, cookies, drinks and lots of fun.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My daughter won the 2009 Blue Cross Angel Award

I'm very proud and excited to announce that my daughter, Betsey, just recently found out she won the Blue Cross Angel Award for her work with the APIL Program. She started the Ascension Parish Inclusive League through Ascension Parish Recreation and the program is being used as a pilot program for other parishes in Louisiana.

Here is some information on the award:

For outstanding volunteer service on behalf of Louisiana’s children, Betsey Baldwin was named one of 2009 winners of the Angel Award®. The Angel Award is a program sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation that honors people who positively impact the lives of Louisiana's children. She was one of eight people chosen as a statewide honoree of the Angel Award® out of more than 60 nominations.

A committee of past recipients of the Angel Award, now in its 15th year, considered 62 nominations from throughout the state before selecting our eight honorees: Betsey Baldwin of Gonzales, Vicki Ellis of Baton Rouge, Jill Rigby Garner of Baton Rouge, Lynn Hobbs-Green of New Orleans, Janet Leslie of Maurepas, Jean McManus of Eunice, Minh Nguyen of New Orleans, and Phillip Thomas of Monroe.

Blue Cross will recognize each of this year's honorees at a gala this fall at the Lod Cook Alumni Center on LSU’s Campus, 3838 West Lakeshore Drive, BR, 70808.

· In an effort to promote diversity and inclusion, Betsey Baldwin of Gonzales founded the Ascension Parish Inclusion League, an outlet for children with and without disabilities to enjoy recreational activities together. The Inclusion League enhances self-esteem and promotes acceptance, understanding and friendship by creating an atmosphere that values diversity.

Betsey has such compassion for these children and works well with them. This program has been a blessing to all who have been a part of it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ava Sundress, Annette Reversible Sundress, Applique and Embroidery

I've been busy sewing and getting some practice with my embroidery machine. Some of the projects are gifts but others are for possible sale at a trunk show I may have.

This one is made from using the Annette Reversible Sundress Pattern . The flamingo applique is from Embroidery Boutique .
I used the applique fabric for the reversed side and added a fabric flower in the blue pique.

This is the Ava Sundress Pattern, my newest pattern. The bow applique is from Applique For Kids. Check out her gallery and find the JoAnn Dress, Karen Capri Set and Tana Tutu Dress showcasing some of her great designs.

This is another Ava Sundress Pattern using a free design from Sew Forum. I would love to give credit to the digitizer but I didn't make note of it when I downloaded the design. The Ava Sundress Pattern will soon be available on
A co-worker recently got married and I monogrammed these towels for her. I told her I was a beginner in the embroidery area. She said she was OK with that and didn't mind me practicing on some towels for her. The font is from Embroidery Rn.

I didn't this size letter before putting it on the towel and was a little disappointed that it was not as large as I thought for the hand towels. I decided to make them both the same just to be consistent.

I have to admit, I don't enjoy embroidery on towels as much as dresses but wanted to give it a try. It's been fun trying some of the applique and embroidery designs I've been collecting.
I've also got a new pattern I may try soon. It is only in the idea stage at this point but hopefully will become a reality in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Betsey/Joey Shorts Customer Creation

Look how adorable this little boy is in his new "monkey" outfit. His mom has been busy making him shorts from the Betsey/Joey Shorts Pattern. Monkeys and pirates - What could be better for a little boy.

Thanks C for sending these pictures. It is always exciting for me to open an email with pictures of what moms, aunts and grandmas make with Nanoo Designs patterns.

You Can Make This is having a giveaway to celebrate 3 years of business. Here is the information.

Leave a comment, birthday wish, or a little about your experience and you could win!
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Annette Reversible Sundress as Swimsuit Coverup

I recently saw this posted on Sew Forum and thought it was the cutest idea. She used the Annette Reversible Sundress pattern and a towel to make a swimsuit coverup. Adding the flip flop applique, and matching bow and shoes made this such an adorable set. Thanks to this customer for allowing me to share this awesome idea.

Here is what she said: "I actually used a pattern from, the reversible a-line dress and i used a bath towel to and instead of the lining the whole dress i just cut out an interfacing for the top and used the bottom of the towel for the hem. it was super easy to make! "

Friday, July 10, 2009

Handmade Braided Trim Tutorial

Here is how to make handmade braided trim:

Cut 3 strips of fabric 1" wide.
I got a little carried away and did 3 full lengths of each color (about 180"). I saved the extra for future projects.
60" wide fabric makes about 50" of trim. Works best with lightweight fabric
Fold over on each side 1/4" and press. You can use one of the bias strip making tools or this idea I found on the internet. She used two long needles a couple of inches apart to hold the strip to press. Click on the link for more detailed instructions.
Fold n half and stitch along open end. I use the clear or invisibale monofilament thread to sew together.

Sew all three completed strips together.
Secure the end while you braid. I put the end on the sewing machine with the needle in the down position through all three strips to hold it while I braid.
Take the right strip over the middle strip and place it between the left and middle pieces.
Take the left strip over what is now the middle strip and place it between the pieces that are now in the middle and right positions.
Keep repeating to the ends of the strips.
Make sure to braid the pieces securely - but not too tightly.

Stitch completed end.
Before cutting the length you need, stitch across the trim in two places about 1/2" apart and cut between the stitches. This will keep in from unraveling.
Make extra and save to use on many projects. Here are a few samples.
Around the edge of a jacket

Along a hem.
Two strips for straps.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Sewing Projects

My daughter called me last Thursday and asked if we could make her a dress for an event she was going to Friday night. She found some fabric in my stash she liked. We got up Friday morning and put this together in about 2 hours. It was a joint venture - I did the sewing and she helped with the adjustments and idea of how she wanted it. It was very simple with one seam down the back. She was pleased with the results and said she got several compliments at the Art show she attended wearing it.

One of my co-workers had a baby recently and has alot of infant clothing. I made her something a little larger (Size 1) for next summer. I used the Ava Sundress pattern and tried a new free font I downloaded. I would love to give credit to the person who supplied the free font but I don't remember where I got it. If anyone recognizes it, let me know and I'll update the post with the person's name. I will have to try to remember to make note of the person who gives the free designs in the future. I am very grateful to them for sharing their gifts. The name was a font that came loaded on my machine.

I tend to change and add to patterns I use, even my own. This time I added a border along the hem using the gingham the bow is made out of.

I love the different shades of gingham fabric. I recently purchased several different colors to use for contrast and trims. Just another excuse to buy more fabric.
It's been great having some time to sew. I have several more projects in the works. I'll post pictures as I finish them.