Monday, July 20, 2009

Ava Sundress, Annette Reversible Sundress, Applique and Embroidery

I've been busy sewing and getting some practice with my embroidery machine. Some of the projects are gifts but others are for possible sale at a trunk show I may have.

This one is made from using the Annette Reversible Sundress Pattern . The flamingo applique is from Embroidery Boutique .
I used the applique fabric for the reversed side and added a fabric flower in the blue pique.

This is the Ava Sundress Pattern, my newest pattern. The bow applique is from Applique For Kids. Check out her gallery and find the JoAnn Dress, Karen Capri Set and Tana Tutu Dress showcasing some of her great designs.

This is another Ava Sundress Pattern using a free design from Sew Forum. I would love to give credit to the digitizer but I didn't make note of it when I downloaded the design. The Ava Sundress Pattern will soon be available on
A co-worker recently got married and I monogrammed these towels for her. I told her I was a beginner in the embroidery area. She said she was OK with that and didn't mind me practicing on some towels for her. The font is from Embroidery Rn.

I didn't this size letter before putting it on the towel and was a little disappointed that it was not as large as I thought for the hand towels. I decided to make them both the same just to be consistent.

I have to admit, I don't enjoy embroidery on towels as much as dresses but wanted to give it a try. It's been fun trying some of the applique and embroidery designs I've been collecting.
I've also got a new pattern I may try soon. It is only in the idea stage at this point but hopefully will become a reality in the coming weeks.