Friday, July 10, 2009

Handmade Braided Trim Tutorial

Here is how to make handmade braided trim:

Cut 3 strips of fabric 1" wide.
I got a little carried away and did 3 full lengths of each color (about 180"). I saved the extra for future projects.
60" wide fabric makes about 50" of trim. Works best with lightweight fabric
Fold over on each side 1/4" and press. You can use one of the bias strip making tools or this idea I found on the internet. She used two long needles a couple of inches apart to hold the strip to press. Click on the link for more detailed instructions.
Fold n half and stitch along open end. I use the clear or invisibale monofilament thread to sew together.

Sew all three completed strips together.
Secure the end while you braid. I put the end on the sewing machine with the needle in the down position through all three strips to hold it while I braid.
Take the right strip over the middle strip and place it between the left and middle pieces.
Take the left strip over what is now the middle strip and place it between the pieces that are now in the middle and right positions.
Keep repeating to the ends of the strips.
Make sure to braid the pieces securely - but not too tightly.

Stitch completed end.
Before cutting the length you need, stitch across the trim in two places about 1/2" apart and cut between the stitches. This will keep in from unraveling.
Make extra and save to use on many projects. Here are a few samples.
Around the edge of a jacket

Along a hem.
Two strips for straps.


Goosegirl said...

Neato Nannette! Thank you for the tute. The braid looks darling!

Amanda said...

I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

Cole's Corner said...

Love the braided trim! Can't wait to try that!