Monday, July 27, 2009

Sewing Projects - Annette Reversible Sundress

I had a busy weekend but managed to get some sewing done. I made these two dresses from the Annette Reversible Sundress Pattern.

I have really enjoyed my embroidery machine and trying different designs. This was a free applique design from Sew Forum.
This is the reversed side.

This is Ikea fabric that I found online in an Etsy shop. I loved the bright bold print. The black and white ribbon was from my stash of supplies but I plan to get something else. It was a little stiff and hard to tie.

I tried an applique on this side but messed it up. I got frustrated and decided to do something else. I added the big rick rack along the top and the two large lady bug buttons near the hem. I bought the buttons quite awhile ago and have been waiting to have something to use them on.


Jennifer said...

You make a lot of little dresses and outfits. Do you do it with a child in mind or just to practice? Are you saving up for grand kids? =) "No pressure girls, but when you have me some granddaughters they will be all set on outfits from 1 to 4 years old." LOL...

Nanette said...

Sometimes I make thinks with a child in mind for a gift but many times it is just to try out new things or just because I want to sew something. It's going to be bad when I have grandchildren. I warned my kids already.