Friday, February 12, 2010

Blizzard on the Bayou/Haiti Update/New Pattern

I intended to work on the new pattern today but got sidetracked by the snow. It was called "Blizzard on the Bayou". It was so pretty watching huge snowflakes fall for about 2 hours, even sticking to the ground for a little while. This all happened earlier in the morning and by noon there was no evidence left of the "blizzard".

My neice returned from a week in Haiti with a medical team and said it was an awesome experience and happy to have had the opportunity to help.

I started working on the instructions of the new pattern but had to revise it based on the fabric width. The original design was cut using 60" wide fabric but the one I am using for instructions is 45" wide. It made a difference in how the skirt is cut so I had to revise it to adjust for the difference in cutting and fabric requirements.

I'll be teaching a class at All Brands in Baton Rouge at the end of the month using the Annette Reversible Sundress Pattern. It was my first pattern and still one of the most popular. Check out their website for other sewing and embroidery classes.

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