Saturday, April 10, 2010

Military Sewing Project

UPDATE: 4/14/10
Heidi recently sent these pics of Annette Reversible Sundress she made for someone special

UPDATE: Another picture

This is another outfit made from the packages I sent to Humphrey's Base. This little model is the daughter of my contact there who has organized the requests and deliveries. What a cutie! Loving the hand on the hip pose.

I recently connected with a military wife stationed in South Korea through an Etsy purchase from my shop. With her help and to show appreciation for the sacrifice that the military personnel and their families make, I started a project to send patterns and fabric to her and other military sewers on their base. It is such a fun and rewarding project to be able to share with these ladies. These are some pictures of the outfits they made with the items I sent.

I needed larger size patterns so I contacted a couple of other pattern designers and they were happy to contribute to the project. Thanks go to Carla who put together a package of some patterns and fabric from her designs and her collaboration with Jennifer Paganelli. Aimee at Sew Sensible also donated patterns for the project.


Cole's Corner said...

How neat! And what cute things they made. Love them.

Dorothy said...

I think that it is great that you are doing this! As a military spouse stationed overseas, I know it is hard to get materials and such shipped. Great job with the outfits!

Katie said...

What an awesome idea! I've always wanted to make my two girls some dresses but there's definitely not a local walmart here in korea! Such cute dresses!