Sunday, June 17, 2012

Annalise Pattern Tester Pic & Story

This is one of the tester pictures for the Annalise Dress pattern.  The tester has been saving her husband's uniform shirts to make something special out of for her daughter and decided to use them to make the Annalise Dress.  The dress isn't gathered as much as the pattern or as long because it was cut from shirts.  She wanted to have something for her daughter to represent her husband's time in the military and I think this was such a great idea.  She added embroidery on the bodice also for a little color.

I love things that are sentimental and have meaning and I thought this was perfect for Father's Day.

Thanks for sharing your special creation on your beautiful daughter.

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Bri Hedgpeth said...

Thank you Nanette! Averie Grace LOVES her new dress! Daddy does too! :) He loved that she wore it to church for Father's Day!