Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pretty in Pink

This is one of my favorite patterns. It is fully lined, buttons down the back with 3 pleats in the front. The back has 10 - 14 buttons depending on the size. Making the buttonholes and attaching the buttons is probably the most time consuming part. Other than that, it goes together quickly and easily. Because you can add a collared blouse or turtleneck underneath, it is a great pattern for spring or fall.

To make the outfit complete, I made a barrette from a white bow a button like the one on the front of the dress.
Here is a close up of the front yoke and pleats.

This is the front of the pattern - called Mallory by Children's Corner. It comes with sizes 1 - 8 included.

Here is a view of the back that shows the rows of buttons.

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MorningSong said...

I love Children's Corner. I actually ripped up HC's halter dress last night (I was up until midnight redoing it) - the easy one I made. I noticed I made a mistake and everytime HC wore it, it drove me crazy. I guess my perfectionist freaky mode kicked in. This makes me want to make a pretty dress again! Have a great weekend and congrats on your daughter's achievements!! Many blessings!!