Sunday, May 27, 2007

We're going to California!!!!

My middle daughter competed in a college regional track meet in the javelin event this past weekend and qualified for a spot in the NCAA National Meet in Sacramento. Here is a link to the article in the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate and a link to watch a video of her throwing at the Regional Meet in Missouri. I am very excited and busy making plans to attend this meet. I feel very fortunate that I will be able to watch her compete for the last time on a college level.

As parents, we pray for our children in the small things, good grades on a test, to get the job they applied for, safety on a trip, favor at work, good days at school, favor in a sport. We also pray abundance for our children in health, safety, relationships and finances. When they are blessed with successes such as this opportunity Betsey now has, I know that God answers all our prayers, small and large. Along with the blessings in our lives, comes a responsibility to use those talents and gifts for service to others and ultimately for the glory of God. She has already started using her talents and gifts for the community. She is in the process of starting an inclusion league in Ascension Parish for those children who don’t fit into the mainstream sports (those in wheel chairs and with other disabilities). Here is a picture of Abram, who inspired Betsey to take on this project. Abram is my neice's son who participated in an inclusion T-ball league sponsored by BREC in Baton Rouge.
I am so very proud of all her accomplishments, academic and athletic as well as her desire to use her gifts and talents for others.


AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

Yay for Betsy!! Tell her Congrats!!

MorningSong said...

I haven't been for a visit in a few days. I am impressed with your new additions to your blog - the PICTURES!!! YEAH!!! What a lovely family. Thanks for adding those.
Many blessings.