Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Sewing - Christmas Gifts

My oldest daughter and I had a sewing marathon last Christmas making totes for gifts and enjoyed it so much, we decided to have another Christmas sewing day this year. I like the idea of having this as an annual Christmas tradition.

Although, I have my sewing room back, I don't have it fixed up in a way that I can spread out. I still use the kitchen table when I have alot of projects like this. As you can see, we are messy sewers and have stuff everywhere.

I generally throw scraps and thread on the floor and clean it all up after I'm done. I mainly did the cutting and organizing and my daughter did the sewing. She doesn't sew alot but seems to enjoy it and is catching on well.
Here are the items we made today. We started about 1 or 1:30PM and finished about 6PM. The top row are the ones my daughter made for her friends. She still has the buttons to sew on. I made a couple of bags for gifts but the matching set on the bottom is for me.

The long item is a flat iron holder. I tried 3 times to get the fabric used to cover ironing boards but Hancock's didn't have it in stock so I bought an ironing board cover and cut it up. We were able to make five of the flat iron holders with the one ironing board cover. These are great for traveling and the flat iron can be put away warm since the inside is lined with the fire resistant fabric.

The little bag is just a small lined bag that could be used for makeup, toiletries, pantyhose, socks, lingerie or a number of other items.

We used pony tail holders for the loops to hook around the button. The pony tail holders stretched so it was easier to get it around the buttons and held better than ribbon. I bought the pack that had all different colors.

I wish I had thought about taking pictures during the process so I could post a tutorial. If we make more, I'll try to remember to take pictures and get measurements to post. They were easy and make a great gift.

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DejahView said...

This is such a great idea! My sister would love this. Back to the sewing table for me!!