Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Annette Reversible Sundresses

Here are more of the Annette Reversible Sundresses I will be listing on Etsy. These are made from some adorable pique fabric I've been collecting the past few months. The prints are so colorful and fun.
This one comes with two sets of ribbon ties and each side has a coordinating removable fabric flower.
This alligator print was made as a gift for a special little girl and won't be listed on Etsy
but I wanted to post it to show this cute fabric.This one also has two sets of ribbon ties and two flowers.

This one has turtles and the reversed side is lime green.

I found some cute ribbon that is orange with green circles for the reversed side.

This one is a Size 4 and has just the one set of ribbon ties.
Reversed side.


Kylie B said...

Those sun dress are so sweet, even more reason for me to have a 3rd baby hopfully a girl! LOL

earth and sun folk said...

i love those....beautiful work!
love the colors and fabrics too :)

Regina (Lexi) said...


KiWi said...

Those are adorable! I envy the breezy ease of dressing like a child.

Cicada Studio said...

So adorable... When I see cuteness like this I (almost) wish I had a daughter. I doubt my son would appreciate your work. I will pass your shop link to some friends, tho!

Chimera Crochet said...

I love the aligator print! Very original.