Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Up and Coming New Designer

When Riley (my adopted granddaughter) was 2 years old, I made these pants for her to sleep in one night when I babysat for her. Her mom told me recently that she was still wearing them but they were like long shorts and were starting to make a mark at the waist. She is 8 years old. Can you believe they still actually fit her.

I told her it was time for new ones. She told her mom she wants to design clothes so I thought it would be a good chance to introduce her to sewing.

She came over last weekend and picked out the fabric she wanted from my stash. I cut the shorts out and she helped me sew them. She knows exactly what she wants. She wanted the waist lower and the legs skinnier. I used the size 4 Karen Capri pattern and adjusted it a little to fit her. Since it was a four, the waist ended up lower and I just had to cut some off the length and side seams. She was happy with the results and we had fun sewing together. She seems to have a good eye for fashion and has specific ideas of what she likes. She may be a budding designer in the making.

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