Saturday, April 4, 2009

APIL TBall - 1st Game

APIL (Ascension Parish Inclusive League); a non competitive sports league for children with and without disabilities had the first tball game today. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time.

Special tshirts were ordered for the participants and hats were also provided.

Many of the "regulars" were there as well as some new players.

Lots of encouragement and praise is given during the game.

We were able to participate with the other baseball teams in a kickoff of the season. A color guard was on hand with the flags.

All of the teams were called onto the field and the players announced by name.

When the APIL players were announced, the other teams and spectators gave an exceptional applause.

Once the National Anthem was played, all of the teams on the field greeted the APIL kids. It was so awesome to watch and the kids loved it.

Here is a group picture of our team.

Update: Betsey (program director and my daughter) was asked to throw the first pitch. I was busy talking to someone about the program and missed getting the picture. My niece sent me a copy. Thanks Karesa.

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