Friday, April 3, 2009

Tana Tutu Dress - Big Girl Style

When my "adopted" granddaughter came over to sew, she decided she wanted a Tana Tutu Dress. Since she is 8 we decided we would make it a little more "grown up" looking. She's 8 but is very slim so I had to adjust the pattern to fit. I slimmed out the sides, added buttons at the top instead of the ribbon and a longer tulle ruffle. I used the 6" tulle in a roll and it worked very well. It's made to fit her short so she can wear black leggings underneath. She came by today for the final fit and I finished it after she left. I hope to get a picture of her in the outfit to post.

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Jennifer said...

You amaze me. You're so creative. I'm trying to accomplish shrinking one of Aimee's patterns to fit Kaitlyn's doll. Only it's easier for me because I just pick a percentage and shrink it; you are really having to do the math. Have a great weekend.