Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunny Wrap Dresses

This past weekend I made these two Sunny Wrap Dresses.

This one I lined in black broadcloth and did not make it reversible. This fabric has been drawing me in at All Brands for awhile and I recently caved in and purchased some to try with the Sunny pattern. Wouldn't this be a great fall look with a black long sleeve underneath?

This Sunny Wrap Dress is reversible. I tried out a new embroidery design I have called Funky flowers from Linnie Pinnie. It's actually an applique but I loked the look of just the outline. Since I was experimenting with the design, I felt the flowers were too far apart so I added some butterflies to fill in the blank spaces.

This is the reversed side of the above dress out of Jane Sassaman's Prairie Gothic Print that I love so much.

Back view.

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