Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Projects

Along with Spring comes outside projects. I recently had my back yard fenced in and extended the patio. With these new additions, I know I'll enjoy my backyard more, especially after I have some landscaping done. That is the next project I want to tackle. I would like to add some plants in the corners of the fence and maybe a tree somewhere.

I really like the patio extension. Now I need a table and chairs and some plants.

Another project I have to do is in the front of my house. As you can see by the picture, the plant I had there last summer is not looking so good. On the right of the plant is another area that needs something - not sure what yet.

Today I replaced it with this pot and plant. I decided on an evergreen that requires little care and looks good through all the seasons. The plant cost was $9.95 but the pot was almost $40. I will probably need a few larger pots so may have to shop around or wait until the season is over to get better prices. These are more pots that looked nice last summer but needed a makeover.I picked up a few flowering plants at Lowe's to spruce these up.

It gets very hot in the summer and the window of opportunity for these nice days we are having is limited. Hopefully the nice weather will lasts a while longer. The time and money I have to accomplish all this may not last as long as the weather; but there is always next year.

Besides the outside projects, I have several sewing projects to do. I have baby gifts to make and have some ideas for new epatterns. All of this and working full time may take some time management to get it all accomplished. The plan is to take advantage of the weather for the outside stuff and when it gets hot, start the sewing projects.


Jennifer said...

Your plants look sad like mine after the long winter taking its toll on them. I do like your evergreen, but want to warn you they grow fast. Maybe you bought one that stays short I don't know. I bought 3 two years ago and the care instructions said it takes 10 years for them to get to their full height (8 or 10 ft I forget), but when we moved last fall our once 2' evergreens were already +5'.
It's our front yard that needs some work. We won't be renting the house long so I'm thinking about leaving the poor landscaping.

Nanette said...

I hope it doesn't grow too fast. I guess if it does, I'll have to replace it with something else and plant the tree in my yard.