Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tester Creations - Sunny Wrap Dress

Here are the dresses the testers made from the Sunny Wrap Dress Pattern. They came out so cute.

Kati made this one which shows how great this pattern is for embroidery. She said it took a few hours to embroider all the "Under the Sea" designs but look how beautiful it looks. Check out Kati's blog. It's in German but their is a button at the top that you can press to translate to English. It isn't perfect but you can get an idea of what the posts are about.She added more along the bottom of the back. Doesn't it look great? I don't have an embroidery machine but have it on my wish list. Adding that extra touch makes such a difference in the completed outfit. This tester, Sarah, added applique to both sides of the dress. The combinations of colors and the use of the fabric from one side on the applique of the other was so creative and looks adorable.

Thanks to Sarah and Kati for helping me out with the great dresses and comments. What a blessing to have such talented and creative customers that transform my designs into beautiful outfits for their little girls.
I made the changes to the pattern and sent the finished product to YCMT today. It should be available soon on the YCMT and is currently listed in my Etsy shop.