Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Gift Bags

This year we are going to my neice's new house for Thanksgiving dinner and it is the first year in awhile that I am not responsible for most of the food. I only have to make corn bread dressing and potato salad. While many are cooking for tomorrow's dinner, I took the time to make Christmas Gift Bags. I filled them with treats for some people on my list.

I wish all of you a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.


Roz from California said...

These bags are absolutely adorable. What is the actual size of the bags? Also, I would like to add you to My Blog List, could I please have your URL? Thank you, Roz

Nanette said...

I think the size of the bags are 6" X 16". I folded the fabric in half, sewed one side seam all the way up. I then made the casing, folding over the ends. After that, I sewed the other side seam up to the casing and added the ribbon. My url is:
or you can just go to my blog and copy the site at the top and paste as the url. Thanks