Friday, November 7, 2008

YCMT/SWAK Thanksgiving Collaboration

Here are some pictures of the Sunny Wrap Dress I made to use in the YCMT/SWAK Thanksgiving Collaboration. I made the dress and mailed it to someone to take pictures in the model they selected. I didn't put any information with the dress and when the pictures came out, I realized the dress was on backwards. I was a little upset about it at first but then realized that it made the dress even that much more versatile. Not only can you reverse it inside out, you can reverse it backwards and frontwards. I did design it so that the wrap is in the back so I can't guarantee it will fit the same with the wrap in the front but if you have the pattern, check it out and let me know what you think


Jennifer said...

Oh, Nanette... I noticed they had put it on her backwards, but thought they did it on purpose; wanted to show it could go both ways. Actually I think it looks good that way if you aren't going to embellish it. Just think of it as you beating that new wrap shirt/dress ebook to the look. =) Just wait you will probably start seeing ruffles on the edge just like that other pattern. Honestly I'm not a fan of the ruffles on the other dress/top.
On a real note, do you think the fit is different or awkward? I was just looking at the pictures and think because it criss-crosses it's more forgiving. The neck room is a bit odd or closer to the girl's neck however you want to look at it, but it does work. If you think the fit works you could aways promote it as going both ways.

CaraBeth Creations said...

I thought it was intentionally put on backwards too. I've thought all along it would look good either way. I just haven't put it "backwards" on my little girl because I know she will untie it. I love the fabric choice for the fall and winter.