Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last of The Outfits to Display at All Brands

I've been sewing all day and finished the last of the outfits to bring to All Brands to display with my patterns on cd. They have such a great selection of fabrics in the store as well as online.

Karen Capri Set
Besides sewing today, I made vegetable soup, seafood gumbo and cleaned my house. Talk about multi tasking.


Jennifer said...

You have really been busy. How long will they keep the tester outfits up? I remember walking through Walmart and seeing cute outfits and one of the fabric ladies would say they made it for their granddaughter or niece. So do you get them back when they are done with them? The place we had Kaitlyn’s baby pictures taken blew up one of her 6 month pictures for display. Right around the time she turned 1.5 they offered me the picture at no charge. She now has a poster size picture of herself hanging in her room. =)

Nanette said...

Jennifer, I'm not sure what will happen to the tester outfits. All Brands provided the fabric to make them so the testers belong to the store.