Monday, July 16, 2007

T Shirt Memory Quilt Project

I'm starting a new project. My niece has a large selection of t shirts from her dad who passed away five years ago. We are going to make 3 memory quilts from them. Most of the t shirts are about drag racing which was her dad's hobby. Two of the quilts will be for my two nieces and the other is for a good friend of their dad's who has been like a substitute father

Here are the stacks of t shirts. We separated them into three groups for each quilt. I looked at a couple of sites online to get some general instructions. Here and here are two of the sites.
Since there are a couple of tee shirts with large graphics, we are going to mix up the sizes of the squares. I will try to keep the rows the same size but the squares on each row will be different. This is something new for me so I am hoping it will turn out like we imagine. Per the instructions, we cut one of the t shirts and backed it with medium weight fusible interfacing. Then we cut the piece into a rectangle. I know they are supposed to square but we decided to try it this way.

Here are the first three blocks for the quilt which will be one row. For the one on the left we are putting part of a t shirt on top and a towel on the bottom so that the overall size of the rectangle is the same as the other two. The top has their dad's name and the bottom is a towel with "In Memory of Dah-Vee". His name is David but everyone called him DahVee which is the french pronunciation of David.
This project will probably take time to complete but I'll post updates as it progresses.
Any helpful hints, comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


SewSensible said...

I am looking forward to watching this project!! What an awesome idea!!!!!

MorningSong said...

What an unexpected keepsake those shirts will be!!

Great idea! One of my personal goals is to learn to make a quilt. I will enjoy your posts on this b/c I will see some of the process via the web! Thanks!