Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Three Piece Outfit Using Vogue Pattern

This outfit was made from Vogue for Me pattern V8060. The jacket, top and pants all have rows of tucks. The jacket was made from white pique, lined with blue broadcloth. This pattern also has a dress version with an angled hem that is interesting. I haven't tried that one yet.

I've used the top pattern on several other things I've made without the tucks. I don't have alot of experience with Vogue patterns but liked this one.


a wandering heart said...

beautiful work! oh, i need to learn to sew! and crochet, and read... wait, i can read, i just do it online instead of the old fashioned way!

thanks for visiting my blog! good luck in the bloggy giveawy!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, how lovely! It looks like something you'd pay top dollar for in a fancy boutique.
Thanks for coming back to my blog and answering some questions for the giveaway. I am so sorry about your sister.