Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dee Dee Pleated Dress Pattern

My new pattern is ready and available on Etsy, soon to be available on YCMT.

Dee Dee Pleated Dress is an easy pattern that has pleats on the front and back and ties on the sides. The ties can be adjusted to make the perfect fit. The tie is sewn on to hold the pleats in place and is a great place for some decorative stitching or a small embroidery design. Add an extra button to the straps to adjust for growth. Included are instructions and patterns for sizes 1 through 6 along with lots of pictures to illustrate every step.

One of the testers, Bani, is from Germany and suggested I add metric measurements to the pattern for European customers. I added the metric to this pattern and will include the conversion in all of my patterns. Eventually I will revise the previous patterns to include metric measurements also. Thank you Bani for such a great suggestion.

Here is Bani's creation for the testing process. She does beautiful embroidery and applique and added it to the front and back ties as well as along the hem as you can see.

My second tester, Coleen, added an apron to the front of her dress. Even though they used the same pattern, you can see how these changes and the different fabric choices make each dress a unique creation.

Thanks to Bani and Coleen for helping me test this pattern. I appreciate all the great comments and suggestions.

Thanks to my adorable models for the cover and to their mom for taking the pictures. Check out her blog, J Chustz Photography.

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