Thursday, July 17, 2008

I won and was nominated for a blog award - Yea!!!

I've had two great things happen recently.

I won Leigh Ann's giveaway of Momma Roar. I met Leigh Ann via internet and email from my friend Aimee at Sew Sensible and she tested one of my patterns. Her giveaway was to celebrate her birthday and 400th post and she had several great items to choose from. I chose the Amazon gift card. Thanks Leigh Ann.

I was nominated by Kati and Bani for the Brilliance Award 2008. I am very honored. Their blogs are in German but their is a link that translates to English. The translation isn't the best but you get the idea. Kati has tested a couple of my patterns and Bani will be testing my next one. Here is a link to the blog they share. Thanks so much Kati and Bani. I have enjoyed our "internet friendship".

Each of the following Blogs is brilliant - premium - our first choice!

Rules for this award:The award winner may put the award logo in his blog and puts a hyperlink to the person he got the award from.Then he or she nominates 7 other blogs to win this award and puts hyperlinks to these Blogs in the award posting.Now he just has to leave messages on the nominated Blogs to tell them they got the award.


Jennifer said...


Momma Roar said...

You are deserving!! And thank you for passing it along to me!!

I love the grocery bag tutorial - once this hectic week of VBS is over, I need to make a list of some things I want to make before summer's end....too many patterns, too little time! :D