Monday, July 7, 2008

One Year Anniversary with YCMT and a Giveaway

This month I will celebrate one year since my first pattern - Annette Reversible Sundress - was released with YCMT. Now I have 7 patterns available on YCMT, soon to be 8, with the release of Sunny Wrap Dress. This has been such a great venture for me. I have gained knowledge, experience and many new internet friends.
Aimee from Sew Sensible recently posted about starting a home based business. I thought I would add to it by talking about how we got started. It all started with a group of ladies that met at my house regularly to sew. It was a combination of sewing class, sewing time and fellowship. We encouraged and inspired each other. We occasionally meet now, just not as regularly as we used to.

From these "sewing nights", the epattern business for both Sew Sensible and Nanoo Designs was started. Aimee found YCMT website and told me about it. At first, we would send each other copies of the patterns and instructions to get each other’s critiques and opinions as well as encouragement. Now that we have a format established, we use our customers to test the patterns but still encourage each other. Aimee is a stay at home mom of eight children and leader of an Adoption ministry at Healing Place Church and I work full time as an Accounting Manager. My three children are adults – two daughters 29 and 25 years old and a son who is 22 years old. Many years ago I owned and operated a children’s clothing store and co-owened and operated a plant nursery. I have been sewing for 30+ years and have always loved making and designing children’s clothing. Through the years I have sold some sewn items but since starting the epattern business, I mainly sew to give as gifts and to test my patterns.

Sites like Etsy and YCMT have provided me with an opportunity to start this business without having to deal with setting up a website and other computer stuff that I'm not very knowledgeble about. There may be a website in the future, but for now I'm content with Etsy and YCMT. Besides providing extra income, which is always great, especially with the rising costs of everything, there are so many other blessings this business has provided me with. It satisfies my creative side– not only the pattern making, but picture taking, designing the cover and writing the instructions. To be able to purchase the pattern and have it sent via email or downloaded in very little time is such a great way to reach the world. I have corresponded with customers from many states in the US as well as many other countries. One of the best parts is seeing what customers create from the patterns. Their own unique choices and added touches are an inspiration. Seeing something that started with an idea become an outfit is awesome. Since the patterns are easy and fun to make, it is exciting to see beginning sewers making clothing for their children. I am so grateful and humbled for this blessing and can't wait to see what the future holds.

I've recently changed my copyright policy to allow for selling of items made from my patterns by independent seamstresses to give someone else an opportunity to start a home based business.

If you already have a Nanoo Designs pattern, I would love to see pictures of what you create with them and feature them on my blog. If you have any questions about my patterns, business or would like to send me pictures of what you made with my patterns, email me at:

To celebrate one year, I will give a Nanoo Designs pattern of your choice to 3 people who comment on this post. Just make sure you tell me which pattern you want and an email address to contact you and send the pdf file. The giveaway will end on Friday July 18th.

The Sunny Pattern is now available on YCMT

Show off your projects and inspire others. Post pictures of what you make on the "I Made This" Section of YCMT.


Anonymous said...

I just fell upon this site searching for a toddler's dress - you have some nice designs!

bostonpat @
(remove spaces to email!)

CaraBeth Creations said...

Good Morning,
I just saw the Sunny Wrap Dress on YCMT. I have several things already cut out and ready to sew, but I can't wait to get my hands on this one. It is so incredibly cute!


Jennifer said...

I saw your new dress on YCMT this morning and did a little cheer for you.

My favorite pattern of yours actually has me torn between two. I love the playfulness of Tana Tutu and the classic look of Emily.

I can't wait to see what customers do with your new pattern. It's always seeing their interpretation that makes me want the pattern. Like the pink and black dress someone made with the Tana pattern; I love it!

I just noticed you need people to post pictures of the Emily dress in "I Made This". Sorry, that was random.


Kim said...

Hi Nanette! Wow, time flies doesn't it? I can't believe it has been a year! It was fun to read about how you and Aimee got started. I appreciate the two of you so much. You are an excellent writer and pattern maker -- you are detail-oriented. I know that when a pattern comes in from "Nanoo Designs" that it will be excellent. Thank you so much for being a part of our YCMT Team. I can't wait to see what else you come up with. This latest wrap dress is so cute!!

Kim :)

Momma Roar said...

What fun!! And congrats on your one year anniversary with YCMT!

I'd love to win the ebook for the sunny wrap dress! :D

Leigh Ann

PS - I enjoyed learning more about you and your children!

Pansy and Peony said...

I do love your patterns. I have made tons of little shorts for my boys, it is such a practical pattern.

Anita Bruno said...

Hi from Denmark
I love all your designs, I have a couple of patterns and the fabric is ready- just need time! I have been looking at the new ones and would be happy to get one of those.
Soon leaving for Texas to see my granddaughter!!
best regards anita bruno, Copenhagen, Denmark

Beth said...

I just received the sunny wrap dress pattern this week and am looking forward to trying it. I found your patterns on Etsy and am intested in the shorts or tutu patterns to try next. Thanks, Beth

Little Butterbeans said...

I have several of your patterns and they are all GREAT and EASY!!!!! Two of my favorite kind of patterns! Thanks, Coleen (would love the new sunny wrap dress pattern)

Maddie Dean Photography said...

Hi Nanette,
Don't really need to be a winner... just wanted to tell you congrats on your 1st year! Thanks again for allowing me to test your sunny dress - I wish you lots of luck with it!! Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

The Messer Family said...

Thanks Nanette and Aimmee! You guys do amazing work and I love your patterns! The new sunny wrap dress is ADORABLE! Abbie

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! I love all your patterns! Congrats on your one year! Can't wait for many more!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

MorningSong said...

Congrats Nanette!

You and Aimee are both truly gifted! I cannot imagine how either of you create a pattern! That is definitely a gift!

I have fabric for a few patterns of yours - but we've been so busy and I have had to sew things for people that were not expected so my want to sew list has been pushed to the side!

I would love to win the sunny wrap dress - it looks precious!

Blessings and Congrats!

Uniquely Yours said...

This is great, unfortunately my daughter is in a size 5 now so I would opt for your Matching Mommy and Me Totes. However, I love your patterns.

Andrea said...

I am just now getting the hang of sewing and I'd love to make this for my daughter. I love it. Great stuff. Thanks.

Knitlee said...

I have purchased two of your patterns and love them! I have not made the dress pattern yet, but have had much success with the little shorts...too cute and so easy! Thank you for providing such clear, concise instruction!
Best, Alissa
PS I will send you a photo of my finished product soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nanette, I just wanted to say......HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY!! and may your next year be even better than you could ever hope for.

Many blessings to you from Cynthea in Australia

Elizabeth said...

Hi Nanette,
I just wanted to congratulate you on your 1st anniversary. I really enjoyed hearing about how you got started. I have several of your patterns. They are great! Keep up the great designs!

nicole said...

I found your site from Amy's site. I have visited YCMT a few times and have always been inspired by the ebooks. Congratulations on your anniversary. I look forward to visiting the "I made this" section. Nicole

nicole said...

I hope my previous comment was posted, I don't see it so I will say again happy anniversary. nicole

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Nanette, congratulations on your annversary! I just love your patterns (as I was lucky to be chosen as Testsewer for Emily and Sunny) and if I was picked as a lucky winner for this giveaway I´d love to try the Karen Halter Top and Pants!

All the best whishes from germany,

your Kati

feinesstoeffchen @

Anonymous said...

you know i just lurve your patterns so i am always in for a chance to win one! Of course I have to the Sunny dress please it looks too sweet to pass up. thanks and thanks for all your hard work.
Isra Clo
israclodagh at hotmail dot com
(of course using @ and . thanks!)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nanette!

I've just recently discovered your blog and love all your designs (especially the Sunny Wrap Dress). I'm always impressed with other people's creativity since I'm not creative at all. I'm better at copying things than coming up with my own ideas.

Bless you, and may you have many more years to come so I can continue adding your patterns to my "To Sew" list =)

From a hopeless fabric addict in Australia.

oh_ailim @ hotmail . com

jess said...

I've been following your blog and SewSensible's blog. Your resent posts about starting your own business are so inspiring. I've been thinking about starting my own, but have recently been losing motivation. Thank you for your story and great patterns!


Christine said...


Congratulations on your first year! I found your patterns on I'm new to sewing, but hoping to make some beautiful little dresses for some special little gals with love :) Your patterns are adorable. I would be very happy and thankful to win one of the Sunny Wrap Dress patterns!

Thank you :)

Rebecca Webb said...

I adore your site and patterns!
If you pick me to be a winner I would love The Emily Dress pattern.

Mommiedidit said...

I have purchased the Emily dress I love it. You have some amazing designs and I love them all. I check you site on ycmt and etsy often. Your patterns are easy to follow and or so easy to put together. I can not wait to see more.

CalicoDaisy said...

Great! I'd love the wrap dress pattern. I came over to your blog from SewSensible. I puchased the boutique bottoms and top last week and made the pants last night. Your little dress pattern is darling. -- Michele

Anonymous said...

I love your patterns and would love to win any of them. but would like to try the Sunny wrap dress


Mommiedidit said...

I have sent your link to several people I know who sew or just have daughters and loves clothes. How lucky the winners of your giveaway will be. Can't wait till friday to see whom it is. Love your work!!!


The Sterks said...

Hi! I just found your site and paaterns today via sew sensible. Too cute! I really like the Annette dress- reversible is the best. Congrats on your one year mark!


Mommiedidit said...

I have left comments but I forgot to leave my email and the pattern I would like. I would love to win the Sunny Wrap Dress if my name was picked and you can send it to Can not wait to hear who the winners are!! Good Luck everyone!!