Monday, July 28, 2008

Tutu for a 1 year Birthday Celebration

My friend's daughter, A, is having her first birthday party soon. Isn't she adorable. She is one of my youngest models for my pattern covers. She was on Emily and Betsey/Joey Shorts Pattern covers and will be on the cover of my new Dee Dee Pleated Dress Pattern along with her older sister. Her mom is a photographer, J Chustz Photography, and will be taking the cover pictures for the new pattern.

I made the tutu for her to wear for the 1st birthday celebration. Here are a couple of shots her mom took of her to use for the party invitations.

This was my first attempt at making a tutu and I was unsure how much tulle we would need. She purchased 3 yards of each color. I cut strips and overlapped the colors using almost all 6 yards. She wanted it full and full it was. Once she tried it on, she realized that it may be too full because it was getting in her face and would probably be annoying for her party. The next decision is whether we cut it shorter and leave the fullness or remove a couple of layers. Anyway, we have a couple of weeks to decide but either way, as cute as she is, she will look adorable no matter what, don't you think?


SewSensible said...

tu tu cute!!!!! I couldn't resist! so beautiful!

CaraBeth Creations said...

LOL! I wonder how many other people thought the same thing Aimee said..tu tu cute. I love it!