Saturday, May 17, 2008

Business in Portland, Oregon

I traveled to Portland last week for a work trip with two of my co workers. We had classes all day but managed to get in a little sightseeing in the evenings. This was my first trip to Portland and I wasn't sure what to expect. The weather was very pleasant, around 50 at the beginning of the week and up to 80 or so towards the end of the week. We were told we were lucky and weather wise we had a good week. Evidently, like Louisiana, the weather is unpredictable.
Portland has lots of greenery and parks and gardens tucked away all over the area. There were lots of people riding bikes and walking. We were told the office we had class was "walking distance" when it actually was almost 2 miles. Evidently that is considered walking distance for the local people.

This was the view from one of the restaurants we went to for dinner.

We were told that the Japanese Gardens are the 2nd best Japanese Gardens besides those in Japan. This is one of many fountains in the garden.

One of the waterfalls in the Japanese Gardens

Chinese Gardens

There was a tea room where we enjoyed tea in these little pots and cups. I chose the peppermint tea but there were many to choose from. I purchased a couple of flavors to bring home

There are lots of trees in Portland. This one was in one of the gardens. The colors were so beautiful.

Japanese Elm in the Japanese Garden.
Japanese Elm at my house. Maybe they will look the same someday.

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