Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy Memorial Weekend

I love 3 day weekends. I seem to get so much more accomplished with the extra day. Even though I went to the airport to pick someone up Friday night and attended a get together at my daughter's house Saturday afternoon, I managed to get some sewing done. I made two Emily dresses for two brothers I work with that are both expecting baby girls in a couple of months. Since they are big LSU fans, I chose a purple/gold plaid for the dresses and used solid purple for the pleated inserts. I still have the buttons and buttonholes to do and will add some bows at the top of the pleats to finish but should be able to complete them this week.

Sunday after church I went to Louisiana nursery outlet and purchased a few more plants for my courtyard and back yard. Things are finally started to take shape but there are still so many more plants I want. I keep telling myself this will be a ongoing project so I don't have to have it all done this year.

This bromeliad was on sale 20% off.

This bougainvillea has been cut back to form a bush rather than vine. This saved me from having to purchase a trellis for it to climb on.

I've been getting cards punched at the nursery and was able to redeem them Monday which amounted to a $9 discount on my purchase. As I was walking to my car, I saw this hibiscus and decided since I saved $9, I would get this also. There were many different colors but this one really stood out for me.

Monday I barbequed for my mom and dad and visited with them. They are getting older so I treasure the time we spend together.

While watering plants, I saw this bird sitting in one of my bushes. It allowed me to get very close to take pictures. When my mom came over and we were outside, it was still hanging around the bushes. My mom said it looked like a young bird that perhaps couldn't fly well yet.

This first picture you can barely see it peeking out from behind the bush.

I took this one from behind the bush.The hibiscus I bought a couple of months ago is doing great. It just blooms and blooms.

I also spent some time Sunday and Monday working out details on a new pattern. I think I have the design done and am ready to make a few for testing and instructions. Once I feel it is ready, I'll get some of my customers to test it also. This is going to be a very simple wrap dress with a hint of a cap sleeve. I made one but had to change several things and am anxious to make more with the changes to see how the finished project will look.

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