Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fruit and Flowers

I'm slowly getting my back yard landscaped. I added a patio extension and fence a couple of months ago. Recently I had some flower beds done along the fence and side of the house.

This small bed I reserved for annuals and perennials. I planted the mixed colors of gerber daisies. Along the back are 3 plants with tiny purple flowers. I'm not sure what the name of them are but they caught my eye so I decided to add them also. I seriously considered only using yellow gerber daisies with the purple flowers to make it LSU colors but couldn't resist the other bright colored gerber daisies.

A few months ago I purchased two clay pots from Tuesday morning and have been looking for dwarf fruit trees to fill them. I found them at Louisiana Nursery Outlet. If you look closely, you can see that the satsuma has fruit on it.

Although the three blueberry bushes I planted earlier this year are small, they all have berries them. It is such a satisfying feeling to me to be able to pick flowers and fruit off the plants in my yard.
Each time I get something to put in the back yard, I think of 10 other things I'd like to do. I'm sure it will be a work in progress for many years.

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