Tuesday, April 1, 2008

VFW Bingo

Last night was a night out with mom and dad. I met them at the VFW hall to play bingo. I didn't get a chance to see them this past weekend so decided bingo would be a chance for me to visit. My mom and dad are very involved with community and are always helping out for events. My dad is the Quarter Master for his VFW post and responsible for keeping things running with the bingo, military funerals, renting of the hall and whatever else they need done. He is also in charge of giving out commodoties once a month. My mom is always volunteering to help with local church functions, fairs and other events in the community. I believe that because they stay active in many things, it keeps them young.

Here is my mom in the kitchen serving concessions before bingo started.

Here is my dad selling the bingo cards. He, along with some of the other VFW members, also help check the winners cards.
Alot of the regulars have bags with ink bottles to mark the cards. Mom set me up with what I needed and showed me which color cards to play at what time. There is the baby bingo, black out and bonanza to name a few.

My mom is 82 years old and my dad is 76 years old. They are a source of inspiration and joy in my life. I hope and pray I can be as active and giving when I reach their age.

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SewSensible said...

I LOVE this post!!!!! They look like they are enjoying life! Tommy and I used to go play Bingo when we were dating. It was a fun day when we went to the store and got our very own bingo ink markers!! Woo hoo!! :) I don't think we won but we had so much fun!