Monday, April 21, 2008

APIL - Body Sox

Because of a grant obtained by The Resource Center on Psychiatric and Behavorial Supprts Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, Ascension Parish Inclusive League, part of PARC in Ascension Parish has been able to purchase equipment for both those with and without disabilities. Along with the traditional sports (tball, basketball, soccer and bowling) many with adaptive capabilities, many other items have been purchased for upcoming events.

Some of the items purchased have been those that are designed for sensory therapy - balls of all shapes, sizes and textures; character building tools and body sox.

Body sox are therapeutic sacks made from see-thru lycra. They can be very beneficial to those with sensory processing disorders helping to increase body awareness and balance as well as recommended for children with ADHD. They are also fun for anyone, adults or children and can be used for such activities as relay races.

Here are some pictures of my daughter trying out one of the adult sizes. They come in childrens sizes also. You can choose to leave your head out or not and it zips in the back.

Doesn't this look like fun?


cjensen said...

If you would be so kind and let me know where the sewing pattern for the body sox would be, that would be appreciated. I would love to make one for my son who has SID.

Nanette said...

This was purchased as you see it. I'm not sure if there is a pattern available.