Sunday, April 27, 2008

Betsey/Joey Shorts - Customer Creation

These pictures of shorts made from the Betsey/Joey Shorts Pattern from a customer who purchased the 4 pattern bundle pack. It is exciting for me to see that my patterns are being used by sewers from all over the world. This customer lives in a country called Oman. Admitting my lack of geography or countries of the world, I didn't know Oman was a country or where it was located. I looked on the internet and found out it is a country in the Middle East. How awesome to connect with people from all over through sewing as well as provide me with a lesson in World Geography as an extra bonus.

Here is what she said.
"I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for your lovely patterns. I was keen to get some shorts made and that night I made one for my 8mth old son and then this past weekend I have finished a pair of reversible shorts for my “almost” 5 (everyday counts when you are “almost” 5 you know LOL). I am attaching some pics for you.

I would have loved to have taken some outside but already the summer is here and it was too hot to go out and play, sorry. I love your blog too! I think for my bub I will make the bigger size as he wears cloth nappies and I find them a bit low on the back but it is nice to have a pattern that is so flexible. I can see that there will many shorts made as gifts this year. I took the “handmade pledge” for this year so I am always on the look out for some great ideas. "

I love the combination of fabrics - map print and pirates.

She embroidered a top with a pirate to match the shorts. How cute is this outfit.

Thank you to my customer for sending me these pictures.

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mirage said...

ah my son was so excited to see his shorts on the internet! LOL. These are his favorite shorts which have to be washed several times each week so that they are ready for my little pirate when he gets home from kinder. I just love this pattern and keep cutting more when i have extra fabric left when cutting my slings so there is a nice bundle for me to sew which is perfect as the summer here is now VERY HOT! If I am brave enough i am going to attempt that beautiful new pleated dress ... ;-)