Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Photo Shoot for Betsey/Joey Shorts Pattern

I had a photo shoot at my house Sunday afternoon to take pictures for the cover of my new pattern - Betsey/Joey Shorts Pattern. A friend is starting a photography business in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area and specializes in children's pictures. Here are some links to check out some of her other pictures. - J Chustz Photography and also on her blog.

This pattern will be available soon and I want to say thanks to all my friends who have beautiful children that I use for my models and talent in photography and cover design to help create my patterns.

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Jennifer said...

The shorts are cute. I like they are for boys too. I don't have a boy yet, but I'm trying to get pregnant (through IVF) and have wondered many times what I would do if we have a boy next. Do you make one really cute clothes then buy everything for the other one????